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5428 Young street, Unit 340 Harwood. Ontario. Canada. K0K 2H0
1-888-900-5519, 1-905-342-5203

9.9 HP Legend boat for one day included with any cottage rental during September 15 till October 12

We accept payments with Debit Cards, e-transfer, Cash, and Credit Cards. But Credit Cards payments cost us 3.5 % will be added to your bill if it is paid with Credit Card

If you reserve the cottage in advance the price is a  subject to change year ope year.

Yuu can guarantee the current year price if you paid in full.

Sandy Shore Cottages Resort

You deserve your perfect vacation at 
Rice Lake Shore Cottages
Heated Pool
Lake Front Cottages
3 bedroom Lake front Cottage on Rice
2 Bedroom Cottage
2 storey Chalet
2 bedroom Loft
One Day accommodation
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