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40 HP Pontoon Boat

40 HP Yamaha: $270+tax/day $800+tax/week 50 HP Yamaha: $300+tax/day $830+tax/week 2 hours Cruise across the lake - $250+tax for up to 8 people. Fuel is extra. Driving service is included.

60 HP Lund Bass

$235+tax/day $670+tax/week

40 HP Lund Bass

$200+tax/day $600+tax/week

9.9 HP Legend Aluminium

$130+tax/day $370+tax/week

Boat slip:
We accept boats up to 20' length.
Boats less than 16 FT - $100+tax per week/ $20+tax per day 
$130+tax for 16-18 FT boats per week/$25+tax per day.
$150 +tax/week or $30+tax/day a bigger boat.
Launch and trailers parking

are self-serviced.
The help with a boat launch and parking:
$10+tax to put the boat In and $10+tax to pull the boat out.
$10+tax to bring a boat trailer to a parking  and $10+tax to bring a boat trailer from parking to the launch.


For boat rentals. The garbage must be removed from the boat and from the resort.
We do not accept garbage from a boat renters because of COVID19. Sorry!

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